Internet & Commerical sales Policy

Is your distributor secretly your biggest competitor?

We are 100% committed to YOU, the local Pool & Spa Professional.

  • We DO NOT compete with YOU for retail or commercial business by selling to end-users.
  • We DO NOT help internet-only companies sell to YOUR customers by fulfilling and drop-shipping their orders for them.
  • We DO NOT collect and share information about our customers, or YOUR customers.

Many pool and spa distributors believe that the way to prosper is to sell commercial accounts directly, cutting the dealer out. Or by helping internet-only dealers compete with YOU by stocking their inventory and selling it to them for less than they sell to YOU. We have always believed that too be succesful, we must help our customers to be succesful—not compete with them.

West Michigan Pool and Spa Retailer
"We really appreciate your support of brick and mortar stores like us. It's good to have a supplier we can trust not to stab us in the back."

Northeast Ohio Pool Dealer
"You guys seem to be the only ones that are really on our side in the internet price war."

Central Ohio Pool Dealer
"All of us dealers and distributors have to support each other or we will all have a rough time in the future battling the internet providers. Quality Pool seems to be the only distributor that actually walks-the-walk."