Crystal Mann

special Projects and Pool Kits

Crystal started working at the Clio, Michigan branch in 2001 as a receptionist, answering phones and filing papers. It wasn’t long before there was a vacancy in Quality Pool’s accounts payable department, where Crystal took over. At the same time, Crystal started helping the customer service department. In 2005, Crystal began working in the Dublin, Ohio branch, where her primary responsibility was customer service. Later that year, Crystal took over pool kit pricing, as well as purchasing and quoting inground pools for the Clio, Perrysburg, and Dublin branches. Crystal works closely with Quality Pool’s suppliers to bring our customers the highest quality inground pool package components and designs.

Crystal is the eldest granddaughter of Jack Engelhart, one of Quality Pool’s founders, and the daughter of Cary Engelhart, Quality Pool’s current President. She has fond memories of “playing Quality Pool” at home as a child, which consisted of a TV tray, a Quality Pool order pad, and a Fisher-Price telephone. Crystal has a son, Peter, and resides in Saginaw, Michigan