Don Whitmire


Don started working at Quality Pool Supply in May of 2000 as a warehouse employee, loading trucks and putting away inventory. Later, he would process UPS shipments. In addition, Don helped with the new warehouse transition from Fall of 2001 to Spring 2002.

He has served Quality Pool as a delivery driver and has experienced all of the routes offered by the Clio location. He was also involved in pool kit deliveries.

Later, he landed in the customer service department where he worked until the fall of 2013. Now he is a member of the purchasing department.

When not at quality pool supply, Don enjoys spending time with his family outdoors.

Don is married to Tara, since 2007, and has 2 daughters, Brynn and Paige and has a golden retriever named Lady.

He currently resides in the beautiful town of Montrose, MI.