James Sly

Warehouse Manager

James Sly came back to Quality Pool Supply in June 2015 to assume the position of Warehouse Manager. James had previously worked at Quality Pool during the summer of 2013 before leaving to work full-time for KEP Electric.

James grew up in Flint, Michigan with three brothers and his parents. He graduated from Kearsley High School in 2005. He then obtained a Bachelors degree in Biology and Psychology from Adrian College. He moved to Columbus in January of 2010 where he worked for Franklin County corrections for three years. He worked at Quality Pool the summer of 2013 while he was still working on his MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. He completed his MBA at Capital University in Columbus, OH in 2014.

He currently lives in Westerville. He has been with his girlfriend, Sarah, for over a year. They have two dogs, Sadie and Daisy, along with two cats, Peanut and Tori. James and Sarah like to travel a lot; mostly to see family, but the occasional vacation destination is always a plus! They are looking to move into the country and away from the busy city in the near future.